6 Year Anniversary

Have you ever sat back and just wondered where the time went? I do it often when I think about the fact that I’m 35, that I graduated high school 18 years ago, or moe recently graduated college 13 years ago. I mean how did so many years already come and go?

Most recently I had that moment when on Feb 5th we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  Some days it seems like it’s not possible that it could be 6 years already, I mean it was just yesterday that we were standing under that beautiful Chuppah saying our vows and enjoying our beautiful wedding.


I started this blog with one simple post right after we got married. It was a way to document our lives, and somewhere to share thoughts. Fast forward to today and while it hard to believe it’s been that long already, on the other hand I’m counting all the things we’ve done and have accomplished and it doesn’t seem like it’s been long enough.

So what do you do for a 6th anniversary? According to my internet searches you celebrate with Candy and iron. Confused? yeah, me too. It says candy because it represents sweetness and iron because of it’s strength. Another search brings up tons of gifts on etsy all made out of iron or including bible verses that represent iron. I never really thought that anyone followed those standard lists of anniversary gifts. If etsy is any indication, I guess people do.

We on the other hand, when given a choice, will always choose an experience. If you look back at our history of celebrating you will find the majority of celebrations included trips where we experienced different adventures.

  1. We celebrated getting married by spending the week after our wedding in Key West (we called it the Minimoon) and then shortly after spent 2 weeks in Alaska for our Honeymoon. The was the first time I’d even seen snow. It was old snow on the side of the road, but it was snow. Collage1
  2. We celebrated our 1st anniversary with a trip to Chicago. Matt had never been to Chicago and I had been before and loved it! I went in May and it was sunny, warm and beautiful. It was a whole new Chicago in February when it’s 6 degrees when you land. This trip included my first time seeing falling snow. Collage2
  3. For our 2nd anniversary we took a little trip Southeast Asia. Our cousins were living in Singapore at the time and we planned this trip to visit them before they moved back to the States. We spent 2 weeks visiting Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam. While the traditional 2nd wedding anniversary is celebrated with cotton, we celebrated by crawling in tunnels, shooting an AK47, eating bugs, and letting an elephant paint our shirt while we were wearing it. Collage3
  4. On our third anniversary we had recently decided to buy my Grandparents house and take on renovating it. It started as an investment decision which turned into a decision to move into the house. Deciding to move into the house turned into taking down walls, new floors, removing popcorn ceilings, and painting the whole house. Thanks to that decision our anniversary did not include an trip this year. Collage4
  5. Our 4th anniversary the startup that my husband works for was participating in an incubation program in San Antonio. So we spend out anniversary exploring their temporary home. Collage5
  6.  Our 5th anniversary we also stayed low key because once again I decided that we needed to move again. Matt is a saint for always being patient and going along with my plans regardless of how crazy they may be. This move being to our third house in the  5 years we had been married!! I swear we’ll be in this one for more then 4 years!! One of my Best friends was also getting married in the months that followed so I had a trip to Jamaica for the bachelorette party and we had the  trip to New Jersey for the wedding coming up. IMG_5849
  7. That brings us to this year our 6th anniversary! Matt decided that we needed to definitely have a little adventure this year. We headed to St. Augustine for the weekend. It’s only about an hour and half from us. We like it because it’s quaint little town and we don’t need airline tickets and it doesn’t require too much driving to get there. I plan on telling you all about our weekend and all the good things there are to do in St. Augustine soon. IMG_0810


So cheers to 6  years and we plan to keep up with the adventures for years to come. Next up on the adventure calendar for us is a trip to New Orleans at the beginning of March. I’m excited because I’ve never been there before so it’s a totally new adventure for me. We’re meeting up with some family and friends so a bunch of us can do the Rock n Roll half marathon while we’re there.

What do you do to celebrate your anniversaries? Let me know below!

Have you been to New Orleans? Let me know any of your must see or do things below

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