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I’m sure everyone wants to know more about me, right? No, Oh well here it is for everyone anyway!

I am a graduate of the University of Florida!! Go GATORS!! I LOVE to travel. I went to Germany and France a few years ago and it was fabulous!! We explored the Mayan Ruins in Mexico on a cruise a few years back and for our honeymoon earlier this year we traveled all over Alaska. There’s so many places we want to see and explore. Next up on our list is to visit our family that is in Singapore. Not sure when this will happen but hopefully this year.

I grew up in Central Florida and here I am still. I love living in Florida, there’s so much to see and do here. This also means that a lot of my closest friends I have know since elementary school. Not many people can say that 🙂

I bought my first house in February of 2010 and we are still personalizing it to our style. We have recently redone the kitchen, fenced in our back yard and redone the bathroom. There’s always something I want to do and change and I’m sure my husband loves all the projects I throw at him every weekend!

We adopted the cutest little puppy in July 2011! He was born on St. Patrick’s day and we named him Lucky! He’s super sweet. In Sept 2013 we adopted a second pup named Nigel, because Lucky needed a partner in crime to play with. For now these two are our only children. Hopefully that will change in the next year or two. If I were younger I would be happy to wait a few more years and enjoy this adventure we are on in life, but alas I’m not and the time is near to start the next phase of life for us.

We got married in February of 2012 and so far life has been amazing and so much more then I could have ever asked for or wanted. Matt makes everyday better then the last and we always have fun together whether we’re off on an adventure or hanging out at home all weekend.

I have weird habits (don’t act like you don’t have some too) – I have to sit behind the driver’s seat if I’m in the back seat of the car. I will lock my car about 5 times before I believe it’s actually locked. I’m chronically late (I can’t help it, it just happens!), I hate mornings, shady people, bad drivers, and stupid questions (yes, they do exist), people who hoover (my #1 pet peeve), and drama.

About 5 years ago I wrote the following on my profile on Facebook:

“Someday I will get married, go sky diving, run a full marathon, travel the world and see all seven of it’s wonders, and have a job I can say I love. Until then I will continue to live my life- I will have coffee in the morning, go to the gym after work, use my ipod everyday, wear sunglasses all the time, watch Gator football at the Ale House, learn to play tennis, and LOVE every minute of it!”

In those 5 years I have gotten married, I have gone sky diving, and completed my first full marathon (longest day of my life!)!!! I’m working on a new career path so hopefully I can get there with the job someday. I’ve done a lot of traveling and seen some amazing places, but haven’t seen all the wonders yet. I still call that a win! 3 out of 5,ain’t too shabby though.

I hope you stay awhile, join my page and get to know me a little more! If you have any question or just want to say hi feel free to email me at


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