Touristing in Atlanta

After we did the Color Run we cleaned up and decided to go out and see what we could find to do in Atlanta. We ended up downtown and walked around the Olympic Park that’s in the spot where they held the Summer Olympics in 1996. Our original idea was to go to the Georgia Aquarium but we couldn’t find tickets. They sell them by specific date and time and everything was sold out for the day that we were there. I’ve been there once before but it was over 10 years ago and I remember it being huge and beautiful. I was kind of sad it was sold out. oh well next time I find myself heading to Atlanta I’ll remember to buy tickets ahead of time.


Instead we decided to go to the World of Coca-Cola which was just on the other side of the part from the aquarium. I’d heard people mention it from previous visits to Atlanta but didn’t put much stock into it. I mean how interesting can soda be? Apparently others were interested because there was a bit of a line to get in. Once you get inside they give you a Coke drink of your choice when you buy your ticket.


Your first stop is into a room that has all kinds of Coca-Cola memorabilia on the wall and all over. A tour guide upfront tell a story about the history of Coca-Cola and tells you about some of the noticeable things in the room. It was actually very interesting.

After the introduction you walked out of the room and were on your own to explore the building. It had multiple hallways and rooms that led you down different paths of information about Coca-Cola. One room was set up like an old soda bar and you could “cheers” with the bartender.

The main  attraction of the experience is visiting the The Vault. It’s supposedly where the top secret recipe for for Coca-Cola is kept. There’s even a line to enter the area. It fits with the attraction and build up of being the World of Coca-Cola, but honestly it’s not that exciting. You really just walk through a hallway with all sorts of codes and things on the walls and end up standing in front of a Vault door. You can take a picture and then you walk out.

Of course because Atlanta hosted the Olympics 20 years ago they have to tie that in and in one part they have an Olympic torch you can hold and take a picture. You know we like to be full tourists and we definitely took the opportunity to take a picture.


Once you leave the exhibit you exit through a large room where they have soda dispensers with all the sodas they make for all different regions of the world. Their were some very interesting flavors. If you’ve been to Epcot in Orlando they also have one of these rooms their.

If you’re in Atlanta and looking for something to do while you’re exploring the city be sure to check out World of Coca-Cola. I wouldn’t make a special trip to Atlanta just to go here but added in with some of the other things there it’s a solid choice. We were only there for a weekend and didn’t have too much time to explore other things around the city, but hopefully I’ll be back soon to explore more.

Thanks for checking out my visit to World of Coca-cola, I love visiting places to let you know if it’s worth it before you head there yourself. Before you leave be sure to enter your email over there on the right to follow along on all the fun places I go. I love knowing you were here and you will get updated when new posts are posted!

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