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I don’t know about you but I’ve never been a huge “Gamer.” We never really had video game consoles growing up. Well except when we had an Atari and my brother and I would compete by the playing the only two games we owned, Winter and Summer Olympic games. I think there may have been an period when my brother also had a game boy, like the original one. You know the one that was as big as a brick.


In college someone who previously lived in my apartment left their Super Nintendo behind and we would occasionally play Donkey Kong. I’ve never been good at game either I guess I don’t have eye hand coordination or something. Trying to play Mario Kart, ha forget about it I cant drive in a straight line to save my life! I mean I literally just learned what an RPG (role playing game) was last year!!!

My husband however loves video games. He’s is 100% a “Gamer.” He’s also a computer programmer so I think it’s in his DNA probably. He will spend all day playing one game on the weekends. Yesterday that’s exactly what he did. He plays on the PlayStation, the Wii, his computer, and our most recent addition the Nintendo Switch. There’s  also a whole arsenal of various handheld devices he takes to entertain himself during his train commute to work.

Can I just say when the Switch came out and he went on and on and on and on (you get the point) about getting one, I didn’t really see why it was necessary since we already had not only a Wii, but also a Wii U! Turns out that I guess they aren’t making game for the Wii anymore so he didn’t really have a choice, or at least that was his defense. I think it was more of a FOMO situation, but what do I know.

The only games I have every really had any interest in attempting to play are Mario or Donkey Kong Games. I also really only like the side scroll (I’m sure that’s not the technical term for it), because I just can’t seem to comprehend all these 3D style games plus with those come so many buttons on the control. You control the screen with the right hand the person with the left. IT’S JUST TOO MUCH FOR ME!

Well last week this new game arrived because apparently my husband just had to have it even though he’s currently playing some war game with friends on his computer. I looked at it and it was a “Mario Game.” More specifically it was Super Mario Odyssey. I haven’t touched the Switch since he bought it 4 months ago, but since it was a Mario game I decided to give it a go.


It’s was a little confusing at first to get used to with playing on the switch, namely that it’s not one controller, it’s actually two one in each hand. It also throws me off that when I move my right had at all it move your view on the screen. Besides those two things and still getting use to playing in a 3D format where it’s not straight forward which direction you need to be going or what exactly you’re suppose to be doing or looking for, I really like this game. I been playing a little bit in the evenings before going to bed and it’s really sucked me it. I can see why people enjoy playing games all the time. I don’t however think I will EVER become a “gamer.” I just don’t love it that much. I haven’t lost interest in it yet though which it a plus! That really just means it hasn’t gotten so hard that I quit!

If you have a switch or your kids have one I say go ahead and check out Super Mario Odyssey.  Also if you play games and you have suggestions on games we should check out let me know in the comments!

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