San Antonio Pt. 2

have two final adventures to tell you about from our time spent in San Antonio. I did some searching for activities in and around San Antonio. My go to for exploring cities I’ve never been to is to look at the rankings on Trip Advisor.  I found a place called Natural Bridge Caverns which is about 35 min outside of the city, but it was worth the drive.


Natural Bridge is a huge underground cavern that was formed naturally over the many, many years of it’s existence. It’s named after a rock formation right at the entrance that looks like a bridge between the two sides.


The guided tour takes you down into the caverns and tells you about all the things you are looking at. It’s pretty amazing to see it all actually. Some of the areas they have named after things they feel they kind of resemble. Some of them are easier to see the resemblance then others. The tour is about an hour and you can take all the pictures you want!

We did the Discovery Tour which is about 1 hour 15 min and it says you only actually walk about 3/4 of a mile distance wise but it’s a lot of steep slopes, narrow walkways, and stairs. Make sure you wear tennis shoes. We enjoyed it so much we actually went twice, once by ourselves when I went to visit alone, and again when all the other wives and girlfriends came out at the end of the program.


When we went to the Caverns the first time we noticed a place right next to it called Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. When I looked it up expecting it to be somewhat of a Zoo experience, it actually turns out it’s 450 acres of wild life where the animals roam free and you drive through in your car. The animals are free to come right up to you vehicle if they’d like.


When we told the other guys about it they all said it sounded like something that their wives and girlfriends would like so we saved it for when everyone was there.

I had never heard of a place like this, but I’ve been told that we actually have a place like this in Florida. It’s called Lion Country Safari. It’s down south probably 3 hours away from where we  live in Central Florida. I do have plans to go check it out sometime and I’ll let you know how it compares.

We bought some food, you know, to entice the animals to come closer, and all loaded up in two cars and set off on our adventure. Obviously this safari didn’t include cheetahs or lions since I’m sure they don’t want to risk injury to customers if they jump in your car with you, but it was still exciting to be able to see the animals up close.

For the first half of our adventure none of the animals came that close to our cars, we saw a few random animals get up close to cars ahead or behind us though. Then we got to the last stretch of road and an overly friendly ostrich spent a good 5 min trying to open the door of our second vehicle. There’s a video of the encounter here, also.


The tell you not to touch the animal also, but clearly some in our group couldn’t follow directions. I mean it’s so tempting when their just right there!


That guy also came to visit our car and stare us down for food. He also brought another friend along that we shared the food with as well.

By far my favorite part of the day was at the end of the safari as you’re heading out  there was a petting zoo and they had baby goats! A little fact about me I love goats! I’m not sure why but I think it was because when I was little my Grandma gave me a stuffed goat, instead of the typical teddy bear. I loved that goat and named him Goatie Goat. I still have him today! I mean seriously, come on, could they be any cuter!

Those were the two main things we did and I personally thing you should be sure to include them in your trip to San Antonio! We also went to the Art museum which was beautiful, but just not as exciting as caverns and animals. The did have this amazing sand art on display. Seriously this is made out of SAND!! Imagine how long that must have taken?!?



We also partook in some of the more touristy things in the downtown area mirror mazes, wax museums, a stop at the tervis store! (I was in heaven!! ha). I also ran the Rock n Roll marathon series 10k and half marathon one weekend I was there, because why not?

Overall I like San Antonio, I think it’s gets a reputation that it’s a “sleepy little town” but I think if you take the time to really explore the city you will find it has a lot to offer. It’s also a very beautiful city.

So next time you find yourself there go check out these things and if you find anything new I didn’t mention, let me know! I hope to find myself back there one day in the future.

Have you guys found any places I should be sure to check out next time I find myself in San Antonio? Let  me know below!

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