Ft. Lauderdale Wedding

Since I’m behind and catching up a lot of these posts will be from somewhere between 2 years ago and present day. No worries thought because they will still be entertaining I’m sure!

My cousin Justin got married in May of 2014 in a beautiful wedding in Ft. Lauderdale. Justin met Brittany in college at FSU and they are a perfect match. We headed down and spent the weekend with family and had a great time.

We helped a little with the rehearsal dinner set up, I set up tables and Matt was in charge of getting their slide show working from Brittany’s computer onto the the tv at the restaurant. They held it at a restaurant called Bimini Boat Yard. I think they may have changed to just being called Boatyard sometime in the last 2 years, but everything else is the same. I believe it’s only in Ft. Lauderdale and not a chain.

If you can’t already tell the theme was Beach, which was perfect since the restaurant was right on the water. Each table had different pictures of them through out their relationship. They had those starfish cookies specially made and they were delicious.


The  wedding day was beautiful. One thing that was a little different then any other wedding I’ve been too, was that it was at two different churches. The ceremony was a a Methodist church and the reception was in the convention room of a huge Baptist church. The Baptist Church was huge, I’ve actually never seen a church that big.


After the ceremony we headed to the Baptist Church to start the reception. They didn’t have a seating chart which made it a little confusing because everyone was just wandering around trying to decide where to sit. Once the bridal party got there and the reception started it was a really fun evening of good food, family, dancing and celebrating love!


One neat thing they did was set up a photo corner at the reception. My brother set it up with one of his cameras and a remote control. They had some props for guests to use and it was a fun little touch for pictures of guests.




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On Sunday we got up and went to brunch at a restaurant on the beach and then headed home. It was about at 3.5 hour drive so we wanted to get home early enough to be able to relax before starting the new week.


Next Up will be our first visit to the West Coast! We headed to California to visit some friends that had recently moved out there!!


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