Happy New Year!

I know I’m a day late . . .  yeah yeah, story of my life!! hahaha

To celebrate NYE we went to an early dinner with my parents and then headed home to celebrate with the pups. We sat on the couch watching TV and drinking champagne while waiting for midnight. About 10 min before midnight we turned on the count down filled out wedding champagne glasses and got ready to toast in the New Year. The we pretty much promptly went to bed! It was fabulous.


We tried to take a group picture with the pups, but they were not having it. 
This is how that turned out. 


Now that the New Year is here it means it that’s time of year where everyone sits down and writes out their resolutions that they don’t really intend to keep. I made 13 last year and the only one that I actually accomplished was getting a new refrigerator for our kitchen!
I’ll just start with some random thoughts for the year instead:
1. Travel more
2. Actually use our gym membership
3. Get new doors for the house
4. Run more and actually train for my next half marathon
5. Blog more consistently
6. Start a family before I’m too old
7. Visit Shoshana in St. Louis
8. Do more crafts and DIY projects
9. Enjoy life to it’s fullest
10. Actually do Christmas cards (I say this EVERY year and I always forget)
I’m off to a good start with our up coming vacation, now to just keep up so motivation for everything else!

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