Alaska Honeymoon!!

So I know we got married 3 months prior and we did go to Key West right after for what I like to call our minimoon! However our plan all along was to go to Alaska for our Honeymoon, only problem was they don’t do Alaskan cruises in February. This is for good reason too, It was pretty cold when we went in May I can only imagine what it felt like in February! Brrrrrrrrr

Our adventure started on Saturday May 26th with and extremely long day of travel to Vancounver, B.C. I not use to traveling across time zones, however, looked at our ticket and noticed that we left Orlando at 7:25 and arrived in Phoenix our layover destination at 9:45 exclaimed “Oh that’s not too bad a two hour flight.” Matt was right there to clarify that myth and let me know that there was a time change and the flight was actually closer to 5 hours!! What!! It was also a little strange when we landed and went on to wait for our next flight that everyone was still eating breakfast and we were chowing down on our lunch! The time change after all was said and done and we made it to Alaska is actually 4 hours. Needless to say after two weeks up there, that took a little adjusting once we got back home. I kept staying up super late and waking up later because, well, on Alaska time I was really going to bed at 11 pm and waking up at 8 am!

Bags Packed and Ready to GO!!

Our room which just happened to be on the Food deck!! Dangerous!!

Matt on our Balcony so happy to be done with a log day of Travel!

Overall our trip was AH-MAZ-ING!! We first set sail on a 7 day cruise (on which we were by far, meaning about 30 years, the youngest couple) from Vancouver to Whittier. We stopped at 3 ports (Ketchikan, Juno, and Skagway) and spent 2 days cruising through Glacier Bay National Park, Prince William Sound, and College Fjord. City wise Ketchikan was our favorite because it was the most “authentic” as Matt described it. Juno was all tourist shops and Skagway felt like a “fake” (another of Matt’s descriptions) town.



The scenic cruising were the two coldest days on the whole trip. I think I had on about 7 layers and I was still freezing!! But it was totally worth it because the views were beautiful!! We couldn’t stop looking and taking pictures for the entire two days.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay
Prince William Sound

College Fjord

College Fjord

College Fjord

Cute little seals on the ice bergs

Sun setting on our last night

After departing the ship we set off our 5 day land tour. It was alot of riding around by bus and train but lots of stops were provided and the scenery we got to see was well worth it. We traveled by bus on day 1 to Copper City, which was beautiful but not that exciting as it was pretty much a ghost town and all there was to do was hike the trails around our lodge that only added up to about 5 miles of hiking total.

Our views along the road as we traveled by bus

1st stop was 2 hours for lunch in Anchorage where we came across this cute little Market

2nd stop was at this viewing spot for Mantanuska Glacier behind me

One of the hiking trails at the lodge. It was musch steeper then it looks all the way down the mountain to the river below

Made it to the river

We’re hikers now!!

After spending a full day there, we jumped back on the bus and traveled across the Denali Highway, which is about 80 miles of unpaved gravel road. It was hours of bumpy riding with a few stops for lunch and to play in the snow. We finally arrived at our lodge in Denali which sat across from another fake town, but to make up for it we were right outside of the Denali National Wilderness Preserve. We spent alot of time touring the Preserve and even went to the sled dog kennels where that had the cutest just born puppies!

1st Stop to play in the Snow!

2nd stop for lunch

3rd stop to walk over a bridge

The fake town across from our hotel in Denali

yes this is 11:31 pm in Denali

Ranger Cabin in the Denali Wilderness Reserve

Baby sled dogs!! So cute!!

Ice cream!! A vacation (and everyday) staple!

Our next adventure was a train ride up to Talkeetna. I wish we had traveled by train more because it was actually pretty cool and you are traveling farther out though the wilderness then when you are on the highways. We stayed at Mt. Mc Kinley Wilderness Lodge at this stop and we went horse back riding through the mountains and got to see most of Mt. Denali (aka Mc Kinley) before leaving.

Train Travels

The entire top of the train was glass! So Neat!

Too many clouds in the morning to see the Mountain

So beautiful! looks like a painting!

Horseback riding
Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Our last journey was a bus ride to Anchorage where we spent a full day before catching our over night flight home at midnight (4 am Florida time)! After a brief 3 hour layover in Denver we finally arrived back in Orlando at 3:30 pm!! While the trip was awesome and I highly recommend it to everyone I was incredibly happy to be back home in our own home with our puppy!!

View from our hotel in Anchorage during the day

View from our hotel in Anchorage at Night

Matt had been waiting for these King Crab Legs the entire trip!

Sunset from the plan leaving AK!!
Half way home!! Can you feel the excitement?
So happy to be home to this little face!!

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