Oil-less Turkey Fryer!

For Matt’s Birthday this year my parent’s gave him an oil-less fryer to go in his outdoor cooking collection. It works like the fryers that were popular a few years ago when every one was deep frying their turkeys for Thanksgiving. Except that it uses propane and infrared to cook whatever you put inside with no oil used at all. It actually makes it safer because you can just set it and leave it with no worries of the oil catching on fire and definitely healthier because all the oil drips out and is collected in the pan underneath. It’s called the Big Easy and it certainly is pretty easy to use!

Matt’s cooked a couple whole chickens, a pork butt and ribs in it previously. They chicken and pork butt both came out fabulous. The ribs were a little too crispy but I think that’s because they were pre-cut and not as thick as the normal ones we usually cook with. 
Last weekend we had some friends over and we cooked a pork shoulder in the fryer. Matt put it on about 3:15 and it took about 3.5 hours but it came out amazing!! He has injected flavor inside of it and rubbed a homemade spice rub on the outside and the flavor was great!
After all the seasoning and flavor was injected and it sat marinating for  few hours it was time to put it in the fryer. I got Matt a wireless thermometer the other day which actually makes the process even easier because you set the transmitter in the pork and you can pretty much leave it alone and just watch the receiver until the temperature matches your needed temperature. 
That’s the meat thermometer that transmits the temp. 
The handheld piece the thermometer transmits to! It’s so easy!

 Getting nice and crispy!
So after 3 and half hours it was ready to take out and cut up to get it ready to enjoy! Look how Delicious it looks!!! YUMMY!! 

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