Wine Stroll

The other night I went to an Alumi event for the Seminole County Chapter of the UCF Alumi Association. Matt plays Frisbee on Wednesdays and one of my friends is a member of the group and she invited me to go. It was suppose to be more of a networking even but not to much networking happened. Everyone just kind of talked to the friends they already knew. It was still pretty fun.

We started at Dexter’s and stayed there for about an hour, had a drink and mingled. Cristel and Kelly both also came out which was nice since I haven’t seen either of them in forever. Our second stop was Pint, which was the most horrible service I’ve had in a long time. I ordered water and didn’t get it for about 45 min. We could see the drinks for our table sitting on the bar but no one was picking them up to bring to our table. Lacey tried to ask numerous people running by if they were ours and if we could have them, but they just kept say how busy they were and they’d be right back and never came back. This was the first time that I had ever been to this place and it will certainly be the last time!

The last stop on the stroll was Liam’s and we had the front bar section for our group. Service here was a little better. Since this was the last stop they did some door prizes. Everyone got a ticket when registering at the beginning. There were only three prizes and about 65 people. None of our group won the first two prizes and we thought they were finished, but then they pulled the last ticket and I won!! I was so excited our whole table screamed!! Here’s my prize!:

It’s all alumni stuff and I’m not actually UCF alumni, but I figured I’m married to an Alumni of UCF so I qualify!! That makes sense right?? The water bottles are actually pretty nice and we’ll definitely use them at the gym.
Overall it was a nice evening out with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. Here’s a picture from the night of me and Cristel:

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