Valentine’s Day!!

Since I just started this Blog last week I have a few events I’ll be adding that already happened and will be a little our of order. This is one of them!!

Valentine’s Day!

Last year for Valentine’s Day Matt made a reservation at this little restaurant in Winter Park. It was lovely, romantic and everything you expect Valentine’s Day to be. However it was a set 4 course meal from a “special” menu, and with that “special” menu came the special price of $100!!

This year Valentine’s Day fell right after our wedding and right after coming home from our Mini-moon to Key West. So I decided that we should stay home and have our own fancy romantic meal by ourselves. Matt of course had already made a reservation at a restaurant at a restaurant in Lake Mary, but he gladly cancelled it and we made our plans to stay home.

On a visit to Publix the Apron’s counter was making a dish called “Cheesy Seafood Gratin with Parmesan Green Bean Saute’. We tasted it and it was really good so Matt decided that he would cook it for our Valentine’s meal. The nice thing about the Apron’s meals at Publix is that if you like it they already have all the ingredients pulled for you on the shelf behind the display booth. It doesn’t get much easier then that!!

Matt cooking:


The meal turned out great!! here’s a picture of the display picture from the recipe card vs. our actual meal made by my awesome husband. We also added some jalapeno poppers as an appetizer to our version.
As my contribution to our celebration I made a Peanut Butter Cheesecake for dessert. I got the recipe from a friend who had posted it on Facebook sometime last year. It looked amazing and she had made it and said it was awesome. I made the actual recipe with Oreo crust for Matt’s birthday and it definitely lived up to expectations. It make a huge cheesecake though so for Valentines I made a smaller one and just used the chocolate graham cracker crust you can get at the store already made. It still came out delish!!
Here’s the cheesecake baking the previous day:
And for the Final product to make it a little more Valentine’s festive I got a bag of Valentine M&M’s and used those to decorate the top of the cheesecake.
Final product:
I also decided since I had so much chocolate left over from making the cheesecake to make some chocolate covered strawberries:
We don’t have a kitchen or dining room table because we just haven’t seen the need to have one yet since we don’t have a formal dining room and we usually eat in the Family room on TV trays. So I set up a table in our room with this cute candelabra top I got at Yankee candle that you can put on any wine bottle of your choice and we ate by ourselves by candle light in our room.
It was perfect and a fraction of the ridiculous jacked up price we would have paid going to a restaurant. I’ll finish this off with a picture us on Valentine’s and of course a picture of me and my other Valentine our little baby Lucky!!
If anyone wants to try either of these recipes here are the links:

Peanut Butter-Fudge Cheesecake 

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