My Garden!

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who grew their own veggies and had a garden. I don’t know why I’ve always thought that it would be so cool to be able to just go out back and pick fresh veggies from my own little garden. However I’ve never actually taken the time to start one . . . . until now!

A few weeks ago I finally decided to stop putting it off and do it. This also may be because “grow a garden” is also on my list of this to do by 30 and I am turning 30 in June!! (This 30 things to do by 30 is a whole post of it’s own for another day). So I set off to Home Depot to get my seeds, and also got some of those “Burpee” system planters, you know the kind where you can just plant the whole container into your outside garden when they sprout. I finished by getting some soil and set off home to start my garden!! I started with 3 varieties of peppers, roma tomatoes, onions, and squash.

Here’s my garden on Day 1:


I placed them in my front living room on the couch in front of a big window so that they get optimal light. I would check on them everyday and water them if they needed it. About a week went by and nothing!! Then finally I went to check on them on day 6 and sprouts had appeared!! I was so excited that I had to text a picture of my sprouts to my husband at work. Yes it was that exciting!!

My Sprouts!!

That was about a week and a half ago. The row to the far right is all squash they are growing the quickest. They’ve gotten so big that I don’t think it’d be possible to keep them inside for the 9 weeks that package says I should. They were starting to droop and that was my sign that it was time to start the next step of moving the garden outside. So yesterday I headed to home depot to gather up my supplies. I went in thinking that I would plant them all in individual large planters, but after getting there and loading up on the mulch for the bed that the pots were going to on top of I noticed a whole shelf of raised garden systems and totally changed my mind. I decided to go with a raised in ground garden that will be 4 squares that are 4’x4′. I loaded up on soil also and headed home with my supplies:
I got a watering can because I felt like I needed one, I know I could just use the hose but having a watering can makes me feel like a real gardener! That little potted plant in the front is the beginning of what will eventually be our Blueberry bush. They also had a fig bush which I didn’t get but I think I might have to get one on my next trip to Home Depot. My husband has also started the process of trying to grow an avocado tree from the seed from the avocado we had with dinner the other night.
After getting home I picked the perfect spot in our large back yard that would get optimal sun and be far enough out that it won’t be bothered by our future deck we plan to build one day. I cleared out the area as best I could and out together the garden boarder and got it all in place.
The next step was adding the lining and soil and getting it ready for my squash to be planted in nice little rows. You can see Lucky my garden helper in the corner of the pictures.
After all that it was finally time to plant my squash in their rightful place and start my garden!! I’m really excited about this. I think when I finally get the whole garden in place I’m going to get a little garden gnome to watch over it for me. LOL. After a couple of hours work out in the hot sun I finally completed garden square numero UNO!!

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